Monday, May 23, 2011

World's Youngest Grandfather at Age 26

London : A man will become UK’s youngest ever grandfather when his 14-year-old daughter gives birth this summer. The 26-year-old was just 14 when he became a father himself in 1996.

But he admitted he was “fuming” to discover his daughter, who has just started her GCSEs, is 11 weeks pregnant.

The dad who was not named to protect his young daughter from South Wales, said: “It’s like history repeating itself. I quite like the idea of being the youngest grandad in Britain, but at the same time I’m fuming that she is pregnant. I know myself how tough it is being a teenage parent and now she has to go through the same thing.

However, we’re all going to stand by her and we will welcome the little one into the family.

He added that his 47-year-old mother cannot wait to become a great-grandma. “She was 18 when she had me,” he said. “She was shocked when I told her the news, but she is happy now.

“Her own mum is alive, and so too is her grandmother, who will become a great-great-great grandmother. There can’t be too many families with six generations alive at the same time.”

The world’s youngest grandad is Nikola Kostic who was 26 when his son Stanko, 13, became a father in Germany.

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