Sunday, May 22, 2011

See World’s Strongest and Tallest Female Wrestler

She is a professional wrestler and she is 6 feet 9 inches tall.

Isis the Amazon — real name Lindsay Hayward — was backstage at both of this week’s Impact tapings and was due to debut for TNA, however, the one-time WWE NXT rookie ended upnot being used on either taping.
A TNA source tells me that 6’9″-tall Isis was due to be unveiled as Kurt Angle’s mystery mistress but lost the role to a former WWE star (not named here to avoid spoilers) who had ‘unexpectedly’ turned up. However, I was told that the former WWE star had been in negotiations for some weeks.
I’m told Isis is due to attend the next taping, which is the May 15th pay per view in Orlando, but whether she’ll be used on the show remains to be seen.

The role of Kurt Angle’s on-air “mistress” went to former WWE Diva Chyna instead of independent wrestler Isis the Amazon due to concern over her wrestling ability and behind-the-scenes reputation.

With the role calling for a wrestling match this Sunday at Sacrifice, TNA Wrestling officials opted for “The Ninth Wonder of The World” over the 6’9″ grappler.
“Isis is way too green still,” said one company source. She worked a dark match prior to the February 15 iMPACT! taping and drew poor reviews for her wrestling ability.
Isis still also has a reputation for having a poor attitude. She garnered major heat amongst the locker room due how she carried herself at the February event.
“I’ve never seen a guy or a girl rub the locker room this much the wrong way,” said a TNA employee following her tryout.

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