Friday, May 20, 2011

Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!! - Youtube Sensation Goes Viral

A video of a carefully planned and elaborate marriage proposal involving a camcorder, popcorn and an entire movie theater has gone viral on YouTube, attracting over half a million views in two days

Simply titled "Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER!!!" the video captures Still's girlfriend Ginny Joiner sitting in a movie theatre expecting to see a Hollywood blockbuster.
But, in the midst of the pre-film trailers, Still's homegrown romantic epic appears instead.
With a hidden camera capturing her reaction in the darkened theatre, the video opens with some soft-focus images of two unidentified males in conversation.
As one asks the other for his daughter's hand in marriage, Joiner can be seen coming to the slow realization that she's actually watching her boyfriend and her dad.
"Charlie, that's Matt," she says to her brother, before Still is seen in the movie jumping into his car and racing to the cinema.

After some low budget hijinks, the mini-movie reaches its dramatic climax with Still bursting into the cinema, engagement ring in hand.
From there, the action shifts from the screen to the auditorium, where another video camera captures the couple's romantic moment.
"(Ginny) Joiner, since our second date I've always said we'd be making the movies jealous," Still says before popping the big question.
"You mean everything to me and I meant that. Will you give me the honour and will you marry me?"
She accepts, and the couple embraces to the delight of the family and friends who had secretly been sitting in the rows behind.
Still, who sells insurance in the Atlanta area, enlisted his friend -- wedding photographer Michael Escobar -- to help produce the video

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