Monday, August 22, 2011

Complete Video - Man Dies After Falling From Plane At Selfridge Air Show

Horror: Todd Green falls 200ft to his death after losing his grip while performing a stunt at an air show at Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Harrison Township, Michigan

Horror: Todd Green fell 200ft to his death after attempting to jump from a plane to a helicopter during an air show at Selfridge Air National Guard Base in Harrison Township, Michigan

Daredevil: Mr Green holds on to the wing of the plane untethered as the helicopter pilot flies closer
A wing walker plunged 200ft feet to his death when his air show stunt went disastrously wrong - but tragically many in the crowd thought his fall was part of the act.
As these terrifying pictures show, Todd Green had been attempting to grab on to a helicopter hovering above a bi-plane as part of a death-defying stunt.
But as he reached for the metal landing skid on the helicopter he slipped and fell to his death.
Many in the 75,000 crowd at the air show in Selfridge, near Detroit, Michigan, thought the fall was part of the show and that a dummy had been thrown to the ground.
It was only when emergency crews rushed out to the stricken wing walker that they realised it was an accident

Green, who was a wing walker, was flying on John Mohr’s Stearman aircraft.
Green was taken to Mount Clemens Regional Medical Center. Hospital spokeswoman Diane Kish said he has died.
Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel and Sheriff Anthony Wickersham attended the event at the time of the accident but did not witness Green falling.
"You can tell just by the reaction of the crowd something happened," Hackel, a former sheriff, said Sunday. "We immediately realized that Selfridge people were very prepared to respond."
After the incident, runways were shut down and all flights stopped. Some attendees left, others gathered in prayer and many stayed to see the show continue about an hour later.
"I think it gave some level of comfort for people hoping he was going to make it," he said of the flights that took place afterward.
Later in the evening, word came that Green did not survive his injuries.
Green, a Michigan native, is son of legendary stuntman "Eddie The Grip Green." He got into the profession more than 25 years ago, following in his father's footsteps

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