Friday, May 13, 2011

Eva Longoria Goes Topless For ‘Haute Living’

Eva Longoria reclined topless on the back of a white horse, one arm behind her head, the other carefully preserving her modesty.
The actress took a few hours out of her romantic Miami holiday with new boyfriend Eduardo Cruz to attend the shoot, at the luxury villa where the new couple are staying.
getting it just right: Eva was surrounded by handsome polo players for the shoot for Haute Living magazine

But while the finished photo is sure to look effortless, a lot of work meant into making it that way.As a team from Haute Living Magazine organised the photoshoot Eva was helped onto the animal.
The 36-year-old wore a white flouncy skirt, with a backless red shirt which she removed when on the horse.Getting into position: Eva prepares to climb onto the white horse, with a backless top to protect her modesty

Looking slightly uncomfortable, she settled herself as the horse waited patiently.

Eva's boyfriend Eduardo, 26, looked on admiringly as Eva posed, surrounded by polo players.

The couple have been dating since February, and have made no secret of their happiness together

Eva LongoriaEduardo Cruz

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