Thursday, June 23, 2011

Justin Bieber Attacked By Crazy old Man At Macy's

Justin Bieber was shaken up when an adult man jumped over a barricade and knocked him to the ground at the launch event of perfume SOMEDAY at Macy’s on Thursday afternoon.
Justin was knocked to the ground while greeting fans outside Macy’s in Herald Square. A witness reported Bieber saying, “What? What?” as the man, who was screaming, tackled him. Security men quickly grabbed the man and the NYPD police reportedly took the man away.

“I see that guy going around, but I didn’t think anything about it, but all of a sudden he just jumped…Three guys were holding this guy back,” said one witness.

According to myFox NewYork, Justin quickly went back into the store and did not talk to reporters. Hundreds of fans had been camped out in front of the store for more than two days in order to meet Justin Bieber.

Justin is at the store to launch his new fragrance, “Someday.” He appeared on THE VIEWS this morning. After the show he Tweeted, “gonna chill..grab a bit..then see everyone at MACY’s for the #SOMEDAY launch. LEGGO!!

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