Sunday, June 26, 2011

Justin Bieber Caught Kissing A Boy Photos Leaked Out – Proof he is Gay

Okay so we all know that Justin Bieber is an idol to many preteen and teenage girls, and he is going out with one of the hottest singers (Selena Gomez), but people still question Justin Bieber’s sexuality.

Yes he claims he likes girls and yes he has a girlfriend, but that does not really prove anything to some, for there are many celebrities that hide in the closet, and make public appearances with their girlfriend or boyfriend to show everyone that they are supposively straight (and I am not going to mention any names on this one).

Now when you look at this infamous magazine of Bieber and this photo, what do you think…

Yeah lol, me too. But let’s really get to the point about this.

So, we all know many ask themselves ‘Is Justin Bieber Gay?’ And the truth is that it will be a suspicion until he actually is caught in the act or revealed by a close friend, despite the strongly debated rumors and photos.

Okay so hypothetically speaking if Justin Bieber was actually fully proofed to be gay, that wouldn’t change the fact that many people perceive him to have talent, but unfortunately for many they would rather hear a cat file it’s nails on a black board then listen to 1 second of his voice.

So to end this post, if Bieber seems gay to you then he just might be, and if you think he’s straight he may be that than, or maybe even both.

Whatever he is, people will still Love OR Hate him regardless!!

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