Thursday, June 23, 2011

See One Eye Baby Born video

The Iraqi baby

An 18 year old woman from the Iraqi city of Nasiriyah has given birth to premature baby boy of 1.5 kg. Not only was the baby boy born premature, but he suffers from some of the most distorted features in the history of the modern world.

Where the nose should be is instead one giant eyeball. The infant does not have a second eye, just one singular large eye. Above the giant eye is a horribly distorted nose that looks similar to a small crater. Doctors are astounded and alarmed by the infants condition.

The young mother was not informed of her child's record breaking face distortions. Instead, all the mother was informed was that her first child was a boy. Other than premature birth, and facial distortions, all other operating systems of the baby boy are working fine.

The two most likely causes of the infant's condition is either bacteria in the mother's ovaries or it could be genetic issues. However, it must be noted that the woman is from the Maryter's Neighborhood of Nasiriyah and that there is a history of young mother's giving birth to children with missing limbs, or facial cavities in the wrong areas. Only 6 months ago a baby was born in the same hospital with similar issues and the baby died soon almost right after birth. One noted expert has blamed the record breaking distortions that has plagued the neighborhood on a unknown radioactive poisoning that could be affecting the entire Maryter neighborhood of Nasiriyah.

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