Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crazy Girl Sets Boy Friends Crotch On Fire With Gasoline - Video

The pleasant looking lass to the left is 29-year-old Victoria Bynes – she’s been accused of setting fire to her boyfriend’s crotch. Police say Bynes first started searching for her boyfriend, 42-year-old Andrew Williams, over at his momma’s house, telling the woman, “Your son has some explaining to do.” Williams wasn’t there, so Bynes set off to a friend’s house. That friend later told police that Bynes showed up at his place and immediately began fighting with Williams. After a brief verbal altercation, the friend said Bynes threw some liquid on Williams and lit him up. When police arrived on scene, Williams was found kneeling in the front yard – suffering from second- and third-degree burns to his genital area and torso. He could not communicate with first responders because he was in what had to be tremendous pain. Still hospitalized, his present condition is unknown. Authorities found Bynes at her home. She initially denied any knowledge of the brutal attack, but later admitted to intimidating the man by holding a container of gasoline in one hand and flicking a lighter in the other. She told police that she and Williams started fighting over the bottle and she realized he had been sprayed with gasoline. She said she was still flicking her lighter when she dropped it into Williams’ lap. After his crotch went up in flames, Bynes said she watched him run to the other side of the car, fall to the ground and begin rolling. Bynes said Williams was sitting on the ground and appeared to be fine as she drove away. Bynes was arrested on Saturday, charged with aggravated battery, and released on Sunday after making $10,000 bond. Thanks, Sister Iroz!

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