Thursday, April 21, 2011

Caught On CCTV Camera : The Terrifying Moment Robber Was Shot Dead After Storming Internet Cafe

This is the terrifying moment two armed robbers stormed a Florida internet cafe, in a dramatic shoot-out which left one man dead.
Chilling footage shows the men, dressed in dark clothing and bandannas, charge into the store before being confronted by a security guard.
Customers can be seen hiding under their chairs and computer screens as bullets rip through the store.

The security guard then shoots down one of the robbers, 21-year-old Gary Bryant, who crawls away from the store to a getaway car before being dumped by his accomplices in a nearby parking lot.
Bryant later died in hospital after being picked up by police.
The dramatic shoot-out was captured on CCTV cameras at the Allied Veterans Internet Cafe in Apopka, near Orlando, early on Tuesday morning.
Incredibly, none of the thirty or so customers in the store at the time were hurt in the shoot-out. The security guard was also unharmed.

The CCTV footage shows the two robbers creep up to the store before charging in with their guns held high.
One of them grabs the security guard but he quickly breaks away and pulls out his own weapon.
Terrified customers at their computer screens can be seen ducking and clutching at their ears, as the guard seeks cover and then returns fire, hitting Bryant in the back.

A separate video taken outside the store shows Bryant clambering towards a tan Oldsmobile car after he has been shot.
The robbers' accomplice in the getaway vehicle repeatedly also shot at the store, shattering windows, according to reports.
Deputies later found Bryant in the parking lot of the Value Inn off Orange Blossom Trail. He was taken to a hospital and was later pronounced dead.
Police are looking for two other suspects who were seen by detectives abandoning the getaway car before escaping on foot. The men, who are said to be dark-skinned and in their early 20s, remain on the run and are considered armed and dangerous.
Local reports suggest the internet cafe may have been targeted because similar stores in the area are functioning secretly as illegal gambling joints.

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