Monday, September 5, 2011

Dirty Bieber Secrets’ : Sexual Fantasies of Justin Bieber

Took me a while to deciee if I should make a post on this and even as I’m typing this I’m having second thoughts. But this is something JB’s gonna find out really soon so I thought you might be interested in what’s going on.

What Alfredon found ws a blog on Tumbir called Dirty Bieber Secrets. There is no info on who runs it but it looks like someone who should be put in Jail. What this site is that it takes Justin Bieber’s fans submissions and posts them. These submissions are all sexual fantisies of what they want Justin to do to them. I can’t believe some perv whould set up a website like this asking people to send in dirty thoughts of what they want from JB. It makes us Beliebers look bad if Justin finds out and Justin is gonna find out any minute now.

I want to post some of the things they post about justing on here but I can’t find one that’s not so dirty. So what I’m gonna do is post just one example of what this site is all about. Warning to people who are young: You are gonna get grossed out. So it you don’t want to be grossed out do not put your mouse over the picture below:

I have a feeling this site will be taken down very soon. Either by the pressures of other Beliebers, by guilt, or by Tumbir themselves on the request of Justin.

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